Law enforcementNews: Man bites dog

Published 21 June 2012

A 22-year old man name Keith Glaspie, running away from police officers in Wilmington, North Carolina was chased and caught by well-trained, 2-year old police dog named Maxx; when Maxx would not let go of the Glaspie’s pants, preventing him from moving, Glaspie tore into Maxx’s ear with his teeth, severing the dog’s ear in two

Last Friday, in Wilmington, North Carolina, Keith Glaspie, 22, allegedly opened fire on an occupied vehicle while riding by on a bicycle. No one was killed or injured in the shooting

On Sunday, the Wilmington police, acting on a tip, spotted Glaspie walking on Henry Street, and surrounded him. He refused to surrender and began to run, so the officers ordered a well-trained, 2-year old police dog named Maxx to run after him.

Maxx easily caught up with Glaspie, and grabbed Glaspie’s trousers, not letting go. Glaspie then tore into Maxx’s ear with his teeth, severing the dog’s ear in two. Maxx responded by escalating its tactics, biting Glaspie’s leg and pinning him down until the officers arrived.

Maxx’s ear required more than fifteen stitches. Glaspie was treated for wounds to his thigh at New Hanover Regional Medical Center before police took him to jail.

“When [Glaspie] was biting the dog, it was something we haven’t seen,” Cpl. David Pellegrino told ABC affiliate WWAY in Wilmington. “Yes, our dogs do get assaulted, but no one has ever tried to cannibalize one of our animals before.”