Guyana electionThe Guyana Election Results: PPP 51%; APNU 47%

Published 20 April 2020

On 2 March 2020, Guyana, a small but newly oil-rich country in South America, held national elections. As of now - seven weeks later - the official results have yet to be certified, due to actions by the government party in Guyana to suppress or falsify the actual vote results. By all accounts, the opposition PPP has won the election, but the governing APNU appears determined to stay in power, and has engaged in what international, regional, and local election observers say is election fraud.

Last month, the Homeland Security News Wire sponsored a team of international observers to observe the 2 March 2020 national elections in the small, but newly oil-rich, Republic of Guyana, in South America. As of now - seven weeks later - the official results have yet to be certified, due to actions by the government party in Guyana, to suppress or falsify the actual vote results.

The votes were all counted, certified locally, and published on the evening of 2 March, and are thus now well known to all the parties, international observers, media, and stakeholders:  The election saw a consistent swing of 5 percent of the vote away from the government party, A Party for National Unity - Alliance for Change (APNU ), to the opposition Peoples Progressive Party / Civic” (PPP), giving the PPP a victory with 51 percent of the vote (232,450 votes) to APNU’s 47 percent of the vote (215,287 votes).

These results give the PPP 34 seats in Guyana’s National Assembly, under the country’s proportional representation system, to APNU’s 31 seats. And under Guyana election law, Dr. Irfaan Ali, as the leader of the PPP, is the President-elect of Guyana.

How can one be certain of these results?  Because the results from all Regions, except Region 4, were completed, certified, tallied, and published on 3 March. And the Statements of Poll from all 879 polling sites from Region 4 were all posted outside the poll sites, photographed, and then posted online for anyone to review. Every political party, and every civic group (Chamber of Commerce, Bar Association) have accepted these results - except the government party APNU and its leader, President David Granger.

The HSNW team was on the ground in Guyana for a week, and was credentialed as official international “Election Observers” by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM). Our observers witnessed the security protocols and preparations for the election; the actual voting and occasional irregularities on election day; and the counting and certification of the ballots on the evening of 2 March, which was conducted at each of the country’s 2,300 polling sites.