FBI Issues Alert about Extremists’ Plan to Disrupt Biden’s Inauguration

The 29 December report is noticeable for its contrast with the lack of warning by both the FBI and the intelligence unit within the Department of Homeland Security regarding the 6 January attack on Congress by pro-Trump rioters. The Wall Street Journal notes that there was plenty of evidence on social media, in the weeks leading up to the assault on Congress, that pro-Trump rioters were planning to storm the Capitol.

The 29 December FBI report notes that earlier in December, some Minnesota-based Boogaloo followers took part in other protests in Saint Paul “to perform reconnaissance to identify escape points and defensible positions in the event violence occurred” at the 17 January rally. These Boogaloos “scouted general law enforcement presence” at the earlier rallies, and “also identified law enforcement sniper locations and considered breaking into federal buildings for use as firing locations, if fighting occurred.” 

“One Boogaloo movement follower indicated the building with the snipers would need to be blown up in order to protect Boogaloo fighters in the event of a gun battle during the event,” the FBI report states. Another planned to “put colored duct tape on the back of his body armor to appear as law enforcement and cause confusion.”

The FBI report says that these Minnesota Boogaloos did not refer to any specific plots for an attack on the 17 January, but that they planned to use violence if fighting occurred at the rally, and “At least one follower expressed his willingness to die for the boogaloo movement.” 

In Michigan, another follower of the Boogaloo movement “suggested the idea of using a gasoline-based device with a tripwire in Lansing, Michigan to cause a distraction while other individuals ‘take’ the capitol,” according to the same FBI alert. This individual “considered himself at war with the government, particularly with politicians and federal agents, and wanted to make a statement with the actions.”

Boogaloo Bois
Experts on domestic terrorism and extremist violence who spoke with Yahoo News said that since 2018, the term “boogaloo” has evolved and expanded — from an internet joke on fringe chat rooms referring to a second civil war to a potent rallying cry by extremists, linked to a growing number of violent incidents and plots around the country. All the lethal attacks and foiled plots by Boogaloos targeted police officers.

The term “Boogaloos” has also been used by accelerationist factions of the white supremacist movement, but most of those who describe themselves as Boogaloos are loosely affiliated with a network of anti-government extremists and paramilitary groups which share a staunch opposition to gun control and the goal of a violent overthrow of Boogaloos regard as a tyrannical government.

The accelerationist faction of the white power movement is an openly racist group. Their violent actions are aimed to “accelerate” what they regard as the inevitable civil war between the white race and its black- and brown-skinned enemies. The accelerationists, following Charles Manson’s Helter-Skelter strategy, engage in violence which aims to bring about a harsh response from the government because, accelerationists reason, this harsh response would lead more white people to realize that the oppressive government serves the interests of non-whites, and this realization will lead them to support white power.

Boogaloo movement supporters believe an impending insurgency against the government is forthcoming and some believe they should accelerate the timeline with armed, anti-government actions leading to a civil war,” explained the alert issued by the FBI Minneapolis field office in December. 

Analysts note that the accelerationist wing of the Boogaloo movement has exploited the racial justice unrest of late spring and summer as an opportunity to incite violence and fuel mayham. The Boogaloo Bois, often heavily armed and sporting their signature Hawaiian shirts and igloo patches, have been present at gun rights rallies and anti-lockdown protests. The non- accelerationist elements of Boogaloo are not racists – they even have African American followers – and during the nationwide demonstrations against police brutality and racial injustice in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, Boogaloosmarched with the protesters, and often went further than BLM protesters in confronting the police. A number of Boogaloos have been arrested in several states for violence related to the BLM protests. An Air Force sergeantwho is a Boogaloo follower, is now facing charges for killing two police officers in Oakland, California during a BLM protest.

The Michigan militia members arrested in October for plotting to kidnap and execute Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer were also tied to the boogaloo movement.