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Published 30 November 2021

·  The Biggest Kink in America’s Supply Chain: Not Enough Truckers

·  Abuse Widespread Among People at Risk of Extremism: U.K. Police

·  Iranian Arrested in Kenya for Planning Terror Attacks Against Israeli Targets – Report

·  Far-Right Groups Like The Base Will Radicalize Australians Until We Confront Their Beliefs

·  Facebook Made Niche Exceptions to Its Taliban Ban, Internal Documents Show

·  College Classmates Raised Concerns about Poway Synagogue Shooter Before 2019 Attack

·  DHS Reveals Next Research Interests

·  On Ransomware, Cyber Command Should Take a Backseat

·  Recent Additions to Entity List Part of Broader U.S. Effort Targeting Spyware

·  The Uncomfortable Reality of the U.S. Army’s Role in a War over Taiwan

The Biggest Kink in America’s Supply Chain: Not Enough Truckers  (Madeleine Ngo and Ana Swanson, New York Times)
Long hours and uncomfortable working conditions are leading to a shortage of truck drivers, which has compounded shipping delays in the United States.

Abuse Widespread Among People at Risk of Extremism: U.K. Police  (Kitty Donaldson, Bloomberg)
There is a “striking prevalence” of domestic abuse among individuals referred to a government program that aims to prevent terrorist attacks, U.K. police said.  A new analysis of referrals to the counter-radicalization “Prevent” program in 2019 found that out of 3,045 people, just over a third, or 1,076, had a link to a domestic abuse incident — either as an offender, victim, witness or a combination of all three. National Co-ordinator for Prevent, Detective Chief Superintendent Vicky Washington said in a statement that the findings “indicated a clear over-representation of domestic abuse experiences in the lives of those who are referred to us for safeguarding and support.”