DRS shows world's smallest IR FPA

Published 15 February 2006

DRS Infrared Technologies (DRS IRT), a unit of Parsippany, New Jersey-based DRS Technologies, has successfully demonstrated what the company claims to be the smallest pixel size infrared Focal Plane Array (FPA) of its type in the infrared industry. It has taken a year to develop the 12-micron pixel 640x480 pixel FPA, with sensitivity in the mid-wavelength infrared (MWIR) spectral band. The size breakthrough was made possible by DRS IRT’s patented HDVIP (High-Density Vertically-Integrated Photodiode) detector fabrication processes. The MWIR HDVIP technology enables an increase in the operating temperature of the FPA from the industry standard of 77K to 120K, thus providing a significant reduction in the cooling power needed to operate a FPA, leading to improvements in the overall size, weight, power, and reliability.

The small size and weight of DRS’s 640x480 pixel FPA will be especially welcome in defense and homeland security circles. Smaller size and weight allows for camera miniaturization, larger sensor array formats, and lower cost. Smaller and lighter IR FPA will address the requirements of UAVs for surveillance and man-portable long-range thermal viewers.

DRS Technologies is a supplier of integrated products, services, and support to military and intelligence agencies. The company employs approximately 10,000 people.

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