Eagle awarded patent for non-line-of-sight satellite communication technology

Published 1 February 2006

9/11 and Katrina exposed the vulnerability of communication systems during disasters, and marrying IP telephony and satellite communication may be the solution

League City, Texas-based Eagle Broadband (AMEX: EAG) has just received a patent for a communication technology which would be of great help to first responders. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded Patent # 6,996,369 to the company for its SatMAX non-line-of-sight, satellite communications technology. Eagle’s fixed and portable SatMAX non-line-of-sight satellite communications technology allows customers to make wireless voice and data calls in any non-line-of-sight environment, including inside buildings or structures, onboard vehicles, aircraft, or ships. With SatMAX, users of the Iridium satellite network can use their existing satellite phones to make multiple concurrent calls within SatMAX-enabled hot spot areas from any location on earth. In its portable configuration, SatMAX can be deployed in minutes, easily transported, and can operate either on batteries or standard AC power. We recall that during Katrina and its immediate aftermath, as a result of the collapse of the communication infrastructure along the Gulf, Iridium satellite phones were the only means of communication for many search and rescue teams.

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