EM4 shows new high-power laser devices

Published 6 March 2006

Bill Clinton used to say that to be successful we need “to focus like a laser beam.” If he were acquainted with the product line of Bedford, Massachusetts-based EM4, perhaps he would have said “focus like a 600mW, Cooled, 14 pin Butterfly, 9008 Series Pump Laser,” or something similar. The company has a reputation as a technology leader in optoelectronic components, and it has just introduced a series of high power pump lasers, high speed photodiode receivers, and directly modulated lasers for defense and homeland security.

This company’s active optical devices are designed to offer high power, reliable, and durable gear for a range of defense and homeland security applications such as satellite communication, range finders, illuminators, target designators, missiles, aircraft, and smart munitions. The products demonstrate EM4’s specialty — high coupling efficiency of optical transmission.

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