EVT shows enhanced video management tool

Published 13 December 2007

What with CCTVs being installed by the thousands on street corners, along perimeter fences, and as part of border protection, there is a need to effectively and efficiently manage the avalanche of visual information coming in to the command center; this is where EVT’s new tool comes in

USBX’s John Mack (oops! USBX has just been acquired by Imperial Capital, where Mack is now the head of M&A) knows a thing or two about the security market and trends in it. On Tuesday, in a short presentation at the second Homeland Security Investor Conference (HSIC) in Washington, D.C.— an annual event sponsored by USBX, Capital Source, and Civitas — Mack noted that one of the growing segments of the homeland security sector is surveillance videos: What with cities installing CCTVs at street corners, critical infrastructure and other facilities installing them for perimeter defense, governments installing them for border protection — there are many video cameras being deployed. With so many cameras — read: With so much being observed and so much visual material being collected — there is a need for an efficient and effective means to manage this mountain of material. This is where Park Azorim, Israel-based EVT, a specialist in video management software, comes in. The company has released the latest enhancement to its video surveillance solutions for the security market — 2.5D Live Video Maps. The 2.5D Live Video Maps GUI offers users an alternative to the traditional fixed-size multi-map tools found in typical video management applications. The company says that the intelligent interactive navigation solution improves operator’s orientation, shortens response time, and makes the video surveillance system more efficient.

The 2.5D Live Video Maps improves visualization and mapping capabilities by integrating zoomable map with X / Y axis navigation, camera live video preview overlay, linked-maps hyperlinks with preview images and customized view presets. The result is that users have instant access to selected maps at a predefined zoom level. Note that the new module complements the video wall and multiscreen display of EVT’s Vertex system, a video management and network video recording solution for large-scale surveillance deployments enabling management and control of live and recorded video which integrates analogue and digital video components. David Keidar, general manager of EVT, says that “In designing the 2.5D Live Video Maps our goal was to develop a video management solution that is as easy to use as possible, with controls and functionality built to reflect the way security personnel really think and work, enabling shorter response time, greater efficiency and accuracy.”