Fast Track announces improved amphibious vehicle

Published 1 March 2007

Unlike other such machines, Fast Track’s uses only a single method of propulsion regardless of environments; tracks pull the vehicle along at 39 mph on water and 55 mph on land

Here at HS Daily Wire we are sometimes asked by companies to test their products for review — a process that is often tedious but just as often informative. We do not, however, solicit such instruction. Not, at least, until today. Having spent the last hour reading about Hurst, Texas-based Fast Track’s new water and land vehicle, we are just hankering for a ride. Unlike other amphibious vehicles, which often sacrifice performance on land for that on water (or vice versa) — typically by using two different drive systems — the Fast Track uses tracks as the means of propulsion on both water and land. Among other advantages, the result is a significant improvement in weight, permitting the vehicle to “get out of the hole, over the hump and on to the plane from dead in the water.” According to Gizmag, FastTrack equipped vehicles can start and stop on mud, ice, snow, sand, and water at speeds as high as 39 mph on water and 55 mph on land. The security applications are obvious.

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