Fujitsu shows palm-based biometrics

Published 31 January 2006

This is not your street-corner palm reader: Japanese company unveils a biometric reader which has one big advantage over finger print readers: dead people can’t fool it

Fujitsu showed a palm-based biometric scanner at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Consumers may be a bit taken aback by seeing the vein pattern in their hand, but the technology is promising. The technology works on blood flow in the hand, so if a cadaver wanted to enter a secure area, he — it — would not succeed (this is important, because dead people’s fingers were used to fool fingerprint readers). I hope the bad guys realize that fact before the cutting starts. Just place you palm here and an image is taken of your unique palm pattern and verified with a database. Initial recording of my vein pattern was fast, about 20 seconds for three scans, and verification worked as expected on a test system.

-read more about the technology at Fujitsu Web site