Gabriel to acquire majority stake in biometric innovator Resilient

Published 22 December 2005

Illustrating a growing trend, a (mostly) physical security company acquires an innovative biometric ID maker

If anything illustrates the growing trend in security provision, the move by two Omaha-Nebraska companies is it. Gabriel Technologies (OTCBB: GWLK), a provider of physical locking systems and GPS tracking services, has signed a letter of intent to acquire majority interest in Resilent LLC, currently doing business as Digital Defense Group. The company expects to close the transaction in January. Gabriel will acquire 50.1 percent ownership of Resilent in exchange for $2 million in cash and 2 million shares of Gabriel common stock.

Digital Defense Group is a developer of wireless biometric security products. We like the company’s products, and companies looking to simplify identity management should like them, too. The company provides biometric security access solutions based on patent-pending technology. Factor4 and IronGate on-card self-enrolling biocards are wireless and are self-contained in a credit card size form factor. The on-card power source is charged wirelessly. Both biocards feature a self-enrollment process enabling the user’s unique biometric signature to be stored directly on the biocard itself, eliminating the need for a centralized database or extra external hardware or software during enrollment and authentication, thus simplifying identity management. Authentication is achieved through an on-card 1:1 authenticator. Factor4 biocard is engineered for logical and physical access. IronGate biocard offers the same benefits as Factor4 biocard, but features proprietary technology which boosts its transmission up to 10 meters. Both biocards have an optional 1 GB on-card memory upgrade and process at 400 MHz.

-read more at Gabriel Web site; for specs of Factor4 and IronGate see this Web site