Genex shows 3D facial recognition technology

Published 19 January 2006

Current generation of facial recognition technology suffers from the limitations of 2D technology; Genex now offers 3D technology to address these limitations

Kensington, Maryland-based Genex Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Technest Holdings (OTCBB:TCNH.OB), is showing a new facial biometrics product — the integrated FaceCam and SureMatch 3D suite of facial recognition tools. Genex claims twenty issues and pending patents for various innovations in 3D video imaging technologies, and is now applying its technology to what should be considered an enhancement for existing biometrics users, and in new deployments.

Facial biometrics has advantages over, say finger printing. It is non-intrusive, and it offers identification of humans at a distance even if these individuals do not cooperate with the identification process. Unlike finger prints or iris scan technologies, facial recognition can be performed in environments where passive identification of potential terrorists or criminals is required. The trouble is that much of today’s facial recognition technology does not offer good enough quality because of the fundamental limitations of 2D technology, which is subject to changes in pose, lighting, and expression. Genex says that answer lies in 3D technology, and this is where the company’s know-how and experience comes into play.

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