Georgia buys traffic video detection system from Iteris

Published 22 December 2005

Careful monitoring of traffic helps daily commuters, and is essential in the event of disaster

The Georgia Department of Transportation will purchase 100 its Vantage Video Detection systems from Anaheim, California-based Iteris (AMEX: ITI). Iteris specializes in developing vision-based technology to optimize traffic flow and improve driver safety. Vantage is one of the leading vehicle detection systems in the country. It is a non-intrusive video-based system used to replace in-pavement inductive loops for traffic signal control and traffic data collection applications. The Vantage systems are used to optimize the operation of traffic signals, reducing delays and congestion for drivers. An important additional benefit of video detection includes the ability to capture video images for surveillance or homeland security applications.

Vantage cameras have been deployed by hundreds of agencies in forty-nine states, and also in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.

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Wireless camera with Integral Transmitter Antenna

Receiver antenna

Multi-channel receiver