Energy futuresGerman-Japanese collaboration on carbon dioxide recovery

Published 7 July 2008

Mitsubishi, E.ON to test a system which recovers carbon dioxide from flue-gas emissions at a coal-fired power plant in Germany

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and German energy giant E.ON plan jointly to test a system for recovering carbon dioxide (CO2) from flue-gas emissions at a coal-fired power plant in Germany. The CO2 recovery system — to be added to one of E.ON’s existing plants — will be capable of capturing 100 metric tons of CO2 per day. The system includes a flue-gas cooling tower, a CO2 absorption tower using MHI’s KS-1 solvent, and a CO2 desorption tower for separating the CO2 from the absorbent. One feature of MHI’s CO2 recovery system is that it is claimed to use less energy than its competitors. In Japan, a testing plant capable of recovering ten tons of CO2 per day using the MHI process has been operating at a coal-fired power generation plant in Nagasaki since July 2006. Tests conducted at the German plant will focus mainly on reducing the amount of energy consumed in the CO2 recovery process, and will be conducted over a period of two years at a cost of €10 million.

Operation of the plant is due to commence in earnest early in 2010.