Homefree offers families on-line emergency planning toolkit

Published 7 September 2006

Subscribers receive detailed notes on home maintenance; household inventory and warranties can be stored on company server

Be prepared is a good motto for a boy scout and his parents alike. For the former, this might mean having his compass in his backback before the big hike to the lake. For the latter, it means keeping appliances clean and safe, and readying the home for emergencies, tasks that in themselves require planning and foreknowledge. Homefree.com helps homeowners take charge of their emergency preparation with a personalized, on-line toolbox that assesess the family’s needs, resources, and already completed tasks, and then creates a schedule for additional maintenance. Homefree subscribers receive monthly reminders about uncompleted chores and can even keep a household inventory complete with purchase and warranty information on the company’s secure server. At $29 annually, the product is a good value for those who cannot remember to change the filter on the central air conditioner or clean out the dryer vent. It is a great deal for those who didn’t even know they were supposed to do those things at all.

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