Huntsville, Alabama, to become center for the war on cyber crimes

Published 19 August 2010

Mayor Tommy Battle unveiled plans to build the Cyber Center complex — a 52-building campus housing government agencies and academic teams dealing with cyber crimes

Huntsville, Alabama, mayor Tommy Battle announced a major plan to make Huntsville the site for the war on cyber crimes, and with it comes plans to build a complex dedicated to just that.

In front of a crowd of business leaders from defense and aerospace, Mayor Battle pushed for support on developing a site for research into cyber security.

The Cyber Center complex would have a total fifty-two buildings on Redstone Arsenal, housing government and academic space.

We have the workforce, we have the education level, we have the academic space and we also have the government contracts that can be tied onto to make sure that cyber is part of Huntsville’s industry of the future,” said Battle.

Now, Battle wants to turn interest for this cyber security complex into dollars. He plans on working with congressional delegates to get federal dollars to fund it.