Illinois hospitals receive bioterror grants

Published 4 January 2006

DHS encourages hospitals to prepare themselves better for pandemics and bioterror attacks, and the department puts its money where its mouth is

Galesburg Cottage Hospital in Springfield, Illinois is among several central Illinois hospitals and health organizations included in $13.5 million in federal grant money awarded for emergency response or bioterrorism attacks. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has awarded $15.6 million to Illinois, with $13.5 million going to communities and the rest funneled to the Illinois Department of Public Health. The grants can be used for such needs as mobile trauma and burn-supply units, or to conduct drills to test emergency plans. The following hospitals and organizations are receiving grants.

Peoria County: St. Francis Medical Center, $502,500; Methodist Medial Center of Illinois, $54,000

McLean County: Bromenn Regional Medical Center, $124,100; OSF St. Joseph’s Medical Center, $126,600.

Henry County: Kewanee Hospital, $70,100.

Knox County: Galesburg Cottage Hospital, $124,100.

McDonough County: McDonough District Hospital, $72,600.

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