Innovative biometric start-up IDesia raises $3 million from Partech International

Published 6 December 2005

Israeli company offers solution based on unique electro biological signature

Caesarea, Israel-based biometrics start-up IDesia (formerly C-Signature) has closed a $3 million financing round from French-U.S. venture capital fund Partech International. The closing was based on an estimated company before-money value of $8 million. IDesia had previously raised $1 million from Aladdin Knowledge Systems (Nasdaq: ALDN; TASE: ALDN). Partech will appoint two members to IDesia’s board. IDesia plans to raise additional funds during the next 12 months.

IDesia’s solutions are based on the notion that every human being has a unique electrical field. The company’s product examines a number of features of an individual’s body, especially heartbeat and nervous system activity. These features create an electro biodynamic signature unique to each individual, establishing a unique biometric identity which cannot be forged.

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