Heard & seen on the floorIntransa shows new simple, green video solutions

Published 22 September 2009

Some companies go for gold-plated complexity; Intansa prefers simple, green video surveillance solutions for physical security; the company introduces new products and enhancements to old products

Cupertino, California-based Intransa, a player in simple, green video surveillance solutions for physical security, introduced the expansion of its Intransa VideoAppliance family, including an entry-level offering and a desk-side pedestal version of its most popular system.

Intransa has also added new enhancements to its existing VideoAppliance product family, including RAID 6 data protection, increased scalable capacity from 2 to 80TB (terabytes) and additional new options focused on the most demanding video surveillance environments.

The company says that Intransa VideoAppliance eliminates the complexity and cost of integrating commodity servers, storage, and other hardware, delivering an installer-ready IP surveillance solution that is easy-to-use, with improved reliability and energy savings.

Additional VideoAppliance product family members include:

  • Intransa VideoAppliance VA80 Video Server and Storage Appliance, an entry-level video surveillance recording and playback platform, preloaded with choice of VMS and OS. Suitable for workloads of up to 10 standard IP cameras, and loaded in a standard 1U rack format, the VA80 comes equipped with hot swappable disks for non-stop recording and RAID 5 protection from lost video, with a 2, 3, 4 or 8TB base system expandable to 80TB.
  • Intransa VA100tr Video Server & Storage Appliance, a desk side pedestal version of Intransa’s extremely popular VA100 appliance. Designed for retail stores, banks, and other surveillance environments that need a compact, pedestal appliance with low noise, the VA100tr offers 2, 3, 4 or 8TB base capacity, RAID 5 and 6 support, and includes other features of the VA100.
  • Intransa SR840, SR850, SR860 Server Appliances are available in standard 1U formats. Ideal for applications that are not preloaded options on Intransa VideoAppliance, the appliances interface easily with Intransa VA100st and VA200st Video Storage Appliances to provide a complete physical security solution. Available with choice of CPU, memory, fail tolerant options and various disk capacities, the SR family replaces commodity servers with video certified server appliances for risk-free projects.
  • Intransa VA100st and VA200st Video Storage Appliances provide simple, affordable and expandable video storage for VA10, VA20 and VA30 server appliances with preloaded VMS systems. They also provide maximum flexibility when used with the SR series of server appliances. VA100st and VA200st are offered in 2, 3, 4 or 8TB 1U base systems. VA100st can support up to 32TB of capacity, while VA200st can grow to 80TB of total capacity. Both appliances are available in RAID 5 and 6.
  • Intransa WS01 and WS04 Workstation Appliances meet the need of local viewing for video surveillance and other physical security demands. Available to support 1 or 4 video monitors, they meet a variety of physical security needs.

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