ioimage's intelligent video appliance selected for NY-NJ airport security overhaul

Published 17 November 2006

With Raytheon as lead contractor, subcontractor 4D Security Solutions selects the Israeli company to install its plug and play appliances; perimeter security a challenge when airports are bounded by the sea; ioimage appliances convert analog to digital IP, and offer PTZ tracking and automatic threat detection

Chalk up another victory for Herzliyah, Israel-based ioimage. The company has been selected by 4D Security Solutions, as part of a larger $138 million Raytheon contract, to provide its intelligent ioibox video products for a major perimeter security project at four major airports in New York and New Jersey. The Perimeter Intrusion Detection System will be installed at JFK, LaGuardia, Teterboro, and Newark airports, and represents a major effort on the part of transit authorities to prevent breaches from both land and sea.

Unlike software-based video analytic solutions — which can present major installation headaches — ioimage’s plug-and-play ioibox appliances attach to existing CCTV cameras with just five minutes of set-up. The appliance, while converting analog images into IP video, allows for the detection of perimeter intruders, suspicious baggage, illegally parked cars, and removed items, while also permitting autonomous pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera tracking — meaning that once the camera latches on to a suspicious person or object, it follows it until it is out of sight. (Unfortunately, PTZ technology has not to our knowledge developed hand-off capabilities as exist for stationary cameras, but this is not the fault of ioimage, which does offer the latter.) One other useful ioibox advantage: Once it is installed, it automatically adjusts its sensitivity to changing weather conditions, a critical time-saving feature.

According to company CEO Roni Kass, the ioibox has been certified by American nuclear regulators as well as the Israeli Army. Indeed, both have made good use of the technology, with more than fifteen nuclear facilities under iobox surveillance, and at least one particularly dangerous Israeli site using it as well. All told, more than 300 sites worldwide are now using these technologically sophisticated yet easy to install appliances.

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