iSM installs biometric single sign-on in Spain

Published 3 January 2006

Ach so: Innovative German biometric products provider equips large Spanish insurance company with an innovative single sign-on solution

Rostock, Germany-based iSM-Institut f”r System-Management (OK, here is the company’s motto, even if it does not exactly roll off the tongue: “Wir schaffen L”sungen, die verbinden” - We create connecting solutions) has found another strategic customer for its biometric bi-Cube Single Sign-On solution. The Spanish insurance company Allianz has implemented the iSM-tool in its headquarters, where more than 2,500 work stations are located. The completion of the project is supported by the Sopra Group Spain. The company felt that a single sign-on solution was necessary in order to optimize the work processes because of the high number of password-protected applications. The password change was, and is done via Allianz intranet, and iSM has developed an interface specially for this requirement, which transfers the profile data in the database of the Single Sign-On. From now on the Allianz employees can open every Windows, web- or special application by using the SSO. A major advantage of the implementation is the biometric protection of the login process.