Isonics' air monitoring system to be installed at IMF HQ

Published 18 April 2006

IMF has selected an air monitoring system from Isonics to guard its Washington, D.C. HQ against chemical weapon attacks

Golden, Colorado-based Isonics Corporation (Nasdaq: ISON) has received a commercial order for its EnviroSecure airborne chemical threat monitoring system from Zurich, Switzerland-based Siemens Building Technologies. The unit will be installed in the Washington, D.C.-based International Monetary Fund. More details were not announced owing to confidentiality and security considerations.

The EnviroSecure is a detection and alert system employing advanced “sniffer” technology to monitor the air in buildings such as airports, mass transit facilities, indoor sports venues, and office buildings. EnviroSecure monitors a range of chemical warfare agents, including Sarin, VX, Tabun, Soman, as well as toxic industrial chemicals such as chlorine, Phosgene, and hydrogen cyanide. The company says the device’s sensitivity allows it to detect at the parts-per-billion level.