Job applicants especially susceptible to identity theft

Published 10 March 2009

Those who lose their jobs during an economic slow down tend to respond to dozens of ads in newspapers and on the Internet in search of a new job; they thus become more susceptible to identity theft scams

The economic slow down has already resulted in many people losing their jobs. Many of them are looking for other jobs, filling out applications, and sending resumes to employers. The Identity Theft Resource Center warns that these applicants are especially susceptible to identity theft. They send their personal information to dozens of potential employers, respond to dozens of ads in the newspapers or on the Internet, and, in their desperation to impress, may put more information than necessary on their resumes.

The center says that while no one person can completely prevent identity theft from occurring, there are things we can do to minimize our exposure. The center has put together a fact sheet designed to help job applicants become aware of potential problem areas so that they can avoid them.

The center also notes that most on-line resume posting sites have a “Be Safe” section. Applicants should read it carefully. If applicants see any questionable job postings they should immediately report it to that site.