Large Japanese order for H7's Silent Soldier

Published 26 April 2006

The trend toward the adoption of video analytics is growing, and Silent Soldier is one of the more advanced video analytics solutions on the market; the company has just received a large order from Japan

Miami, Florida-based H7 Security Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Global General Technologies (OTCBB: GLGT), has received an initial purchase order from Tokyo, Japan-based Kansai Electric Sales for 100 of its Silent Soldier solutions. The order will be filled during the next twenty-four months. The Silent Soldier sells for $50,000 per system.”

H7 develops intelligent surveillance systems which aim to provide earlier warnings for long range incursions. The Silent Soldier has been engineered to be used at high-value large scale facilities such as oil refineries, pipelines, port terminals, and military installations. The system uses intelligent video, advanced sensors, and a proprietary communication technology.