LWG releases corrosion retardant for circuit boards and equipment

Published 29 November 2006

Product a boon to health and communications personnel; application keeps equipment in shape until repairs can be made; salvage value of components is maintained in case the damage is irreperable

Northbrook, Illinois-based LWG Restoration this week announced the release of a new corrosion retardant for circuit boards and electronic equipment that have been exposed to water or smoke. This is a godsend for medical and communications personnel in an emergency, who might be lucky enough to escape an emergency with critical equipment only to find slightly-damaged machines become inoperable after a short period of time. Early application of the corrosion inhibitor improves the effectiveness of restoration, thereby permitting repair and preserving the equipment’s salvage value. “The innovation of an electronic preservative will greatly improve our ability to stabilize equipment following a catastrophe or peril,” said LWG executive Mark Ewing. “Our restoration group did an excellent job developing a technique that I have not seen before in this industry.”

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