MSGI protects critical infrastructure in Trinidad-Tobago; opens tactical center

Published 2 March 2006

New York-based MSGI Security Solutions (Nasdaq: MSGI) has formally begun operations in the Caribbean as part of the company’s strategy of marketing its security solutions. MSGI’s Innalogic operating company is focusing on providing its SecureCom surveillance and security applications for critical facilities for energy companies in Trinidad and Tobago. Innalogic will function as MSGI’s global advanced integration team, and will wirelessly integrate existing Staer Scada systems with their proprietary SafetyWatch command center software. MSGI-Innalogic plans to establish a Tactical Operation Center in Trinidad and Tobago. The Tactical Operation will serve as an environment for security personnel to field-test MSGI solutions.

The company also said that it has received contracts for security products and services with two foreign governments, to be executed by Innalogic. The nature of the contracts in Europe and the Broader Middle-East (BME) is confidential, but the company says the contracts establish long-term relationships that will result in at least $2 million in revenue over the next two years.

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