Land transportation and border securityNew Aussie border controls to keep bad guys out

Published 21 May 2008

New system deployed at Australia’s points of entry Australia collates information from sic different intelligent systems onto one screen

Australia, too, wants to rely on
advanced technology for better border and immigration security. New border
security technology installed by the Australian government will better detect
people trying to enter Australia illegally while speeding
up the immigration process for others, the federal government says. The new
security system collates information from up to six different intelligence
systems onto one screen and makes it available to airport inspectors earlier,
Immigration and Citizenship Minister Chris Evans said. It would reduce the potential for staff
error and make the whole process quicker for the vast majority of the twelve
million people who flew into the country each year, Senator Evans said. “There
was a real prospect under the previous system of people getting through because
officers couldn’t bring all the information together quickly enough,” he
told reporters at Sydney Airport. “This allows us to
identify and weed out those of concern, have them interviewed, but allow the
other passengers to move through quickly so that people aren’t delayed