Perimeter protection device incorporates intelligent video capabilities

Published 14 March 2006

Some talk about port — and other infrastructure — security, others do something about it. H7 Security Systems, a subsidiary of Miami, Florida-based Global General Technologies (OTC Bulletin Board: GLGT) — company’s motto: “Making Perimeters Terror Proof” — has completed the first generation of its Silent Soldier Video Surveillance product line. H7 creates intelligent high-tech surveillance systems aiming to provide “earlier,” if not early, warnings about incursions, thus allowing for more rapid responses to terrorist attacks. The Silent Soldier has been engineered to be used at high-value large scale facilities such as oil refineries, pipelines, port terminals, and military installations. The system relies on intelligent video, advanced sensors, and a proprietary seamless communication technology. Company CEO Al Mercado says that unlike current surveillance systems, which emphasize reaction and have a forensic approach to attacks by insurgent forces and terrorists, H7’s system emphasizes anticipatory technology, offering an early warning alert against infrastructure attacks.

The Silent Soldier uses object-tracking and intelligent video software to determine the degree of a threat based on predetermined criteria. It couples this application of predetermined threat criteria to 360 degrees of view, long-range capability, and night vision capabilities.

The idea of using monitoring systems not only for gathering images which could be used in identifying perpetrators after the event — example: the 7 July attacks in London — but for identifying terrorists before they act, is also considered for CCTVs placed at street corners, rail platforms, and similar places. The key is to develop a nuanced and sophisticated algorithm which will be able to detect suspicious behavior and alert security personnel. The problem, of course, is how does one define “suspicious” behavior: It is easier to do so in defending the parameter of a critical infrastructure facility than in a busy and crowded train station.

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