PSA introduces innovative membership training policy

Published 16 October 2005

Westminster, Colorado-based Professional Security Alliance(PSA) has an interesting idea: It has just unveiled its PSA Training Bucks, a new program aiming to make industry training on the latest products and technology more accessible to PSA member companies. For every dollar of product purchased through PSA, stockholder member companies will receive a rebate from PSA in the form of Training Bucks. These “bucks” may be redeemed by owners or their staff to attend any PSA training event. PSA Training bucks can be used to cover airfare, hotel expenses, and seminar related costs. Bill Bozeman, PSA president and CEO, says: “As security technology becomes more advanced, applications more demanding, and requirements more stringent, bids are increasingly being awarded to the most qualified and trained bidders’ not necessarily the lowest. Training Bucks will help ensure that our members are prepared to meet these challenges.” PSA’s innovative approach not only educates and trains the staff of member companies in the latest security gear, it is also good for the organization itself: PSA is using Training Bucks as an incentive for members to become stockholders and for other systems integrators to become PSA members.