Quick Heal introduces technology to track laptops

Published 11 January 2011

New laptop tracking technology will help Indian police track and locate stolen laptops across the country; Quick Heal, the company offering the technology, also aims to create a centralized database of lost or stolen laptops; the database will be accessible to retailers and consumers

The anti-virus technology and Internet security tools provider Quick Heal Technologies, headquartered in Pune, India, said it was launching Laptop Tracker Services, a new technology to track and recover the laptops.

At the time of purchasing a laptop, three in-built Mac-IDs (Media Access ID) will be given. The owner of laptop is only required to register at Quick Heal Web site, using the Mac-ID.

The Quick Heal Laptop Tracker technology helps users to trace the location of stolen and lost laptops on the basis of IP address and Mac-ID, when the laptop is connected to the Internet Server. Kailash Katkar, the company’s CEO, said that “This technology from Quick Heal will provide a powerful tool to the society at large and to the police force, thus reducing their burden. This is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative by the Company to help users as well as law enforcement agencies to track the stolen laptops across the country. We are keen to get feedback, on this emerging technology and the scenario arising there from.”

Quick Heal is consulting to the state governments for using the laptop tracking technology in their cybercrime departments. The device could help the departments of law enforcement to track the laptop. The company aims to create a database of lost and stolen laptops for user and buyers. The company provides this service without any cost. With this new service, it is being expected that it might allow laptop owners breathe easy and also supports law enforcement agencies in infallible method of tracking and recovering the laptops.