Red Cross releases business continuity CD-ROM

Published 8 November 2006

Moving beyond blood drives and disaster recovery, the Red Cross tries to increase awareness of continuity requirements; besides vendor and communication redundancies, organization emphasizes first aid and office safety; CPR training a must

No organization in the world has a better reputation than the Red Cross, and now we have another reason why this is so. Typically known for blood drives and disaster relief efforts, the organization is now trying to help out with business continuity as well. American businesses can now take advantage of the organzation’s efforts with a free CD-ROM kit that details emergency communications systems, methods of securing business relationships and preventing delivery stoppages, and how to rebound after an interruption. “The Red Cross wants everyone to ‘Be Red Cross Ready;’ and that means you should get a kit, make a plan and be informed at home and also at the office,” said Scott Conner, vice president, preparedness and health and safety services.

Unlike other continuity-boosters, the Red Cross also makes a modest appeal for what should be the simplest of projects: emergency and first aid kits — including an NOAA weather radio — sufficient to support a company’s employees until they can go home. Flash floods or earthquakes might require a company to house workers for some time, and as the Boy Scouts say, “be prepared.” CPR and similar training is also worthwhile, and the Red Cross has no shortage of programs to help companies get up to speed.

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