RuggedCom shows ROS v. 3, addressing critical infrastructure needs

Published 10 January 2006

In the 1960s, Rober McNamara’s Whiz Kids used to ask: How Much Security Is Enough? When it comes to network security, especially networks which govern the country’s critical infrastructure, there is no such thing as enough security, and the ruggedized switches from RuggedCom would help in this regard

Concord, Ontario, Canada-based RuggedCom, a developer of ruggedized networking and communications technology, has released the Rugged Operating System (ROS) version 3.0 for the RuggedSwitch family of Ethernet switches. This new release of ROS provides additional features in the areas of cybersecurity and network performance and optimization necessary for mission critical applications. ROS continues to be one of the most advanced Ethernet switch operating systems available for substation and industrially hardened network devices. Version 3.0 of ROS contains many new cybersecurity features, including 802.1x port-based network access control, SSH/SSL encryption, RADIUS password management, and SNMPv3 authentication and access security, to complement its existing set of security features, such as multilevel passwords, MAC based port security, and VLANs.

ROS v.3 comes out at the right time, against a backdrop of rapid growth in the number of Ethernet and TCP/IP devices in critical manufacturing and infrastructure applications. RuggedCom positions itself well to benefit from this trend by incorporating emerging requirements such as NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and ODVA’s standard for DHCP device addressing.

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