• WaterPakistan charges India with "water terrorism"

    India is building dams on three major rivers flowing from the India to Pakistan; an editorial in a leading Pakistani newspaper says that India’s goal is “[to make] Pakistan totally barren,” and that India’s actions amount to water terrorism

  • Nuclear matters"Melt-through" at Fukushima nuclear plant

    Japan has admitted that molten nuclear fuel in three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant has burned through pressure vessels, not just the reactors’ cores — creating a “melt-through,” which is a more serious problem than a melt down

  • Food safetyTerrorist may use food poisoning as weapon

    Food and drink sold in Britain — in stores, at restaurants — are under an increasing threat from terrorist groups which might try to poison supplies, thus wreaking havoc and sowing fear, a government security advisers have warned

  • Iran's bombIran to enrich uranium to 20 percent

    Iran said it was planning to begin enriching uranium to 20 percent, bringing its stock closer to bomb-grade level; it will also shift its enrichment activities from Natanz to Qom

  • DisastersTorrential rains hit Haiti, killing 23

    Haiti has never recovered from the massive earthquake that hit it more than two years ago; the country lacks basic infrastructure, and torrential rains turned streets into rivers and buried buildings under mountains of mud

  • Law enforcement technologyA machine that predicts crime

    The very effort by individuals who are intent on committing a crime to mask their intent has detectable physiological manifestations; it should thus be possible to build a sensor which would identify these manifestations and correlate them with the underlying malintent