WaterPakistan charges India with "water terrorism"

Published 9 June 2011

India is building dams on three major rivers flowing from the India to Pakistan; an editorial in a leading Pakistani newspaper says that India’s goal is “[to make] Pakistan totally barren,” and that India’s actions amount to water terrorism

When the U.K. intelligence services, two years ago, submitted a their annual intelligence report to then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown, they spoke of the coming threat of “water wars” between states vying for diminishing fresh water resources. The report also pointed out that the Asian subcontinent will likely be the theater of the first such war. Now, the Nation, a Pakistani newspaper, charges India is engaging in “water terrorism.” India is “rapidly moving towards its target of making Pakistan totally barren,” the paper says, by building dams on three major rivers including Chenab, Jhelum, and Indus flowing into Pakistan from the Indian side of the border. The paper says that dams are being built in violation of international laws and Indus Water Treaty signed between the two countries to ensure equitable distribution of water resources.