SecureRF shows new, more efficient security algorithm for RFIDs

Published 2 October 2006

RFID technology is gaining adherents in more and more sectors, so it is good to see a technology which promises to enhance to security and economy of the tags receiving the recognitions it deserves

Woody Allen says that in high school he was a member of the Existentialist Club, and that the caption under his picture in the club’s year book read: “The student most likely to be.” Westport, Connecticut-based SecureRF offers a new lightweight cryptography security solution, and it was recognized as one of the solutions most likely to disrupt at the Embedded Systems Conference 2006 (ESC) held two weeks ago in Boston. The company says that the new security algorithm is thousands of times more efficient than other commercial solutions currently available. The first disruption the company will cause will be by creating the world’s first secure, EPC Gen 2-compliant RFID tag solution. The solution will be aimed at high-value asset tracking, monitoring, and anti-counterfeiting applications in the pharmaceutical, defense, and homeland security sectors.
CMP Technology’s Electronics Group, the event organizers, explained their inclusion of SecureRF in the Disruption Zone: “Security is everywhere but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Most embedded systems have limited CPU horsepower, memory space and power requirements. Where’s the extra overhead supposed to come from? This company [SecureRF] makes cryptography easy and painless, suitable for even the smallest embedded system.”
We note that RFID maven Mike McGregor, formerly a lead chip designer at Alien Technology, is in heading the effort to design chips, tags, and systems based on the new technology.
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