Smarter Security Systems launches new outdoor DVR line

Published 27 November 2006

Temperature-hardened and weatherproof SmarterDVRs are designed for remote, outdoor use in such rugged locales as oil fields — and even underwater; system sports motion-based recording and internet connectivity; lower power consumption a critical feature

While advertisers fret over the availability of digital video recorders (DVRs) in the home, the security industry is gobbling them up faster than fans of Cheers re-runs. In the old days, surveillance teams would have to scroll through miles of unorganized videotape to find a particular scene of interest. Now, they can quickly locate video by time stamp, fastforward through uninteresting portions, and easily share the data across networks. Stored video, of course, is more compact and accessible. Austin, Texas-based Smarter Security Systems is not the only player in this game, but they are one of the more reputable. Last week it announced the intruduction of SmarterDVR, a line of temperature-hardened and weatherproof DVRs designed for remote, outdoor use in such rugged locales as oil fields or even underwater. Key to its success, we think, will be its low rate of power consumption.

The SmarterDVR line supports four analog or IP cameras, and includes a 100GB hard drive for video recording. Scheduled, event-based, continuous, and motion-based recording with adjustable frame rates per camera are all included, and so is internet connectivity — meaning that the DVR can send an email notification with a JPEG snapshot when motion by an intruder is detected. Remote viewing and video playback over a cellular data network is also available via a cellular CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access) modem that works with Sprint or Verizon cellular service. Power-concious users willl also be impressed with its compatabilty with solar energy stations, thermal electric generators, as well as the standard AC or DC power sources. Keep and eye on this company — it certainly knows how to keep an eye on you.

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