Sound & Sea wins port-security contract

Published 14 November 2005

Edmonds, Washington-based Sound & Sea Technology has secured a five-year military contract worth up to $29.5 million to provide ocean engineering services for U.S. naval facilities around the world. The company will lead a team which includes eleven subcontractors in a range of projects for the Navy, including assisting with undersea cable installation, offshore structure and buoy work, and improving harbor and port security. The contract’s first year gives Sound & Sea and its contractors more than $5.7 million. The Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center, based in Port Heuneme, California, has the option of renewing the contract for the following four years, through 2010. “It’s the largest contract we have ever received,” said Judith Meggitt, president and co-owner of Sound & Sea, a company of forty employees scattered in several locations.

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