Sudan attack demonstrates new U.S.-Israel counter-Iran policy

in Israel. In the time that passed since then it turned out that not only are we angry, we also have very long arms. Israel does not take official responsibility for operations deep in enemy territory, yet if they are attributed to Israel by the international media it responds with silence and a wink….

Since the early 1990s, Israeli officials have monitored with concern the takeover of radical Islamic elements on Sudan and the establishment of terror group training camps in the country. In recent years, Sudan has become one of the favorite smuggling routes for Iranian intelligence, with arms from Revolutionary Guard bases going through Sudan to Egypt, and then reaching Gaza via the Sinai desert and the underground tunnels at the Philadelphi Route….

The balance of terror [between Israel and Iran] created by the two attacks in Argentina in the wake of the killing of former Hezbollah Chief Musawai prompted Israel to focus on operations against the Hezbollah group only, and not against its mother and father — Iran and Syria….

However, the recent operations attributed to Israel against Iranians arms in Sudan and against Syrian targets [the 6 September 2007 destruction of Syrian nuclear facility] are more than a hint that this balance of terror no longer exists.


U.S. and Israeli officials refused to comment. We note, however, a speech Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert gave today in a conference in Herzlyia, outside Tel Aviv. He warned Israel’s adversaries that Israeli forces, in defending the country, were operating “near and far.”

We are operating in every area in which terrorist infrastructures can be struck,” he said. “We are operating in locations near and far and attack in a way that strengthens and increases deterrence. It is true in the north and in the south … there is no point in elaborating. Everyone can use their imagination. Whoever needs to know, knows.”

Ben Frankel is the editor of HS DailyWire