TekMethods does one thing right – ITAM

Published 19 July 2006

A business continuity company says: “We Do One Thing Right” (they mean IT Asset Management, or ITAM)

Tampa, Florida-based TekMethods, a provider of IT Asset Management (ITAM) consulting services and solutions, says it wants to focus more assisting organizations develop and implement their business continuity planning. TekMethods already provides ITAM solutions to organizations to support their business continuity in case of emergencies. Specifically, the company wants to convince organizations of the importance of developing and maintaining internal solutions, including both processes and tools, for accurately assessing and monitoring their technology investments from requisitioning to end-of-life, including intangible property such as software licenses. Making sure that companies have a complete inventory of their IT assets would allow them more quickly and reliably to recreate their business environments, replace lost IT assets, and get back to business as quickly as possible. “IT Asset Management has become an important consideration in business continuity planning, and TekMethods offers the necessary services, support and counsel that enables organizations to closely track IT assets,” said Lori Sechio, founder and CEO of TekMethods. “Companies invest a great deal of money in software and hardware technology. If an accurate account of those assets is not available when a disaster occurs, that investment can be lost. TekMethods can help an organization mitigate that risk and make it much easier to deal with the aftermath.”

Remember Kentucky Fried Chicken’s advertising campaign with the tag line