TSA issues RFI for airport tracking system

Published 10 April 2007

Proposals are expected to include a combination of RFID, biometrics, and sensoer technology; non-proprietary systems preferred

The Transportation Security Administration’s interest in developing a seamless system to track passengers and their luggage throughout the airport system — “from the time a reservation is made, to the time they exit an airport at their destination” — took a step forward this week. The agency last week issued a request for information from industry to better understand how biometrics, smart cards, RFID, document scanners, and other technologies could be used for such a system — a system envisioned as part of an expansive system of sensors and threat detection systems, network-centric architecture, and layered command and control. “Integration with external systems used for generating and authenticating forms of identification will be required, as well as the ability to integrate into the larger suite of enterprise services and applications,” the agency explained. “TSA is interested in non-proprietary systems that can be easily integrated into an open architecture approach.” Those interested have until 18 April to respond.