U.S., Jordan align cargo security standards

Published 30 June 2008

The new arrangement will enhance compatibility between Jordanian and U.S. cargo security programs

Jordan and the United States have signed a mutual recognition arrangement tomorrow which aligned security standards in international trade partnership programs critical to both countries. The arrangement recognizes compatibility between Jordanian and U.S. cargo security programs. Jordan Customs Department director General Metib Wesewes Al-Zaben and U.S. Customs Border Protection commissioner W. Ralph Basham in a ceremony in Brussels agreed to mutual standards in Jordan’s Golden List Program and the U.S. Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program. The arrangement acknowledges that Jordan Customs Department and CBP will apply similar high security standards and perform similar site validations when approving companies for membership in their respective programs.

U.S. ambassador to Jordan David Hale commended the agreement as an important component of the U.S.-Jordanian trade and security partnership. “The U.S. and Jordan have worked together closely to promote free trade while enhancing security for both nations. Enhanced cooperation will both facilitate and encourage more trade between our two countries, resulting in significant economic benefits for both the Jordanian and American people.” Commissioner Basham added, “Achieving compatibility of U.S. and Jordan cargo security programs is good for business and good for security. It makes it easier for companies to meet the requirements of both programs. It enables our countries to better allocate resources. And, ultimately, it improves global supply chain security.” The goal of these arrangements is to link the various international industry partnership programs, so that together they create a unified and sustainable security standard that can assist in securing and facilitating global cargo trade.

For information on the Golden List Program, visit the Jordan Customs Department Website at Golden List Program. Information on the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program can be found on the CBP Website — C-TPAT: Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism.