US-VISIT completes installing biometric systems at 154 U.S. border ports

Published 3 January 2006

All of the U.S. 154 land ports are now equipped with biometric entry control systems and procedures

Complying with a congressional mandate, DHSUS-VISIT program has completed installing biometric entry systems at all the U.S. 154 land border ports. US-VISIT installed biometric entry systems at the fifty busiest land border ports along the U.S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico land borders by 29 December 2004; and this month completed installing the biometric entry procedures in the remaining 104 land border ports.

US-VISIT is the largest biometric program in the world: Since January 2004 the program has processed more than forty-four million visitors. US-VISIT applies to all visitors entering the United States, regardless of country of origin or whether they are traveling on a visa or with exemptions. Canadian citizens are exempt, as are most Mexican visitors who apply for admission using a Border Crossing Card, also known as a laser visa and travel within the border zone during the thirty day time limit.

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