Video analytics to protect railway tunnels

Published 18 July 2006

Another measure to increase rail transportation safety is the continuous monitoring of rail tunnels, a Florida company beings video analytics to the task

The commemoration of the London July 2005 rail bombing coincided with the terrorist attack on trains in India. As is the case with other modes of public transportation, trains are vulnerable to attack. As securing rail traffic becomes more of an issue, transportation authorities may be interested in this: Jacksonville, Florida-based Duos Technologies has designed an automated remote-access security and surveillance system to keep an eye on railroad tunnel passageways. Duos has developed and deployed several intelligent tunnel surveillance systems allowing for real-time remote digital imagery, secure communications, and data transport to and from multiple rail tunnel locations to a central control center.

Duos’ customized turn-key tunnel surveillance solutions rely on various day and night cameras connected to video servers. The video servers use intelligent software which discriminates between authorized traffic and intruders, process the live feed and create a video digital archive. The systems automatically detect intruders and suspicious objects within a user-defined security zone and deploys audio and visual alarms at the intrusion site as well as at the operations command center. The systems also include visual and multi-language audio announcements upon perimeter breach, advanced heat detection, IR Illuminators, amplified speakers, and strobe lights.