WiFi Wireless to begin selling WFSCT cargo security system

Published 7 September 2006

Wireless protocol overcomes security concerns; system offers real-time tracking, temperature monitoring, tamper and explosives detection

Another victory for WiFi. For years now critics have pounded the wireless protocol for perceived security weaknesses — weaknesses felt by anyone who has had their home network hijacked by a neighbor. Unlike rival technologies like Bluetooth, which promised much and failed to deliver, WiFi has weathered the storm by not promising too much and then repeatedly exceeding expectations. Security concerns linger, but even banks have now started to incorporate WiFi, and now comes news that WiFi Wireless will begin taking orders for its WFSCT cargo security system.

Unlike tag systems currently in use, which require complex on-board wiring and have strict limits on the type of information they can transmit, WFSCT is easy to install and permits much more complicated data transmission. The system offers real-time container identification and tracking, temperature monitoring, tamper detection, and explosives detection utilizing the company’s Active Response Technology and its Trusted Tamper Seal.

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