DHS to award $33.7 million in local first responder grants

Published 19 April 2007

Funds can be used for a host of different products, including IT, thermal imaging, and video surveillance; applications due 29 May

Local officials take note: FEMA this week announced that it would begin accepting applications under the 2007 Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program (CEDAP). Since 2005, more than $69.7 million in equipment and equipment training has been awarded through CEDAP to law enforcement agencies, fire, and other emergency responders, and this year is no different, with $33.7 million in grants available. Such grants are available in five categories: personal protective equipment; thermal imaging, night vision, and video surveillance tools; chemical and biological detection tools; information technology and risk management tools; and interoperable communications equipment. In drafting their applications, local officials should also keep in mind that their state’s administrative agency will have the opportunity to review them in order to ensure that equipment requests are consistent with statewide homeland security planning. Interested parties have until 29 May to respond.