Airport security businessNew report analyzes the airport security equipment sector

Published 13 April 2012

A new report offers a detailed business analysis of the leading 125 companies in the airport security equipment sector

A new report from Reoprtlinker, “Top 125 Airport Security Equipment Manufacturers - Global Industry Overview,” offers a financial evaluation of the global airport security equipment manufacturers sector. Using the Plimsoll method of analysis, the report assesses and ranks the top 125 companies it analyzes against each other and compared to industry averages. Using the financial information available, the analysis provides detailed financial analysis for each organization. Some of the key findings of the new report:

  • 19 of the 125 companies analyzed have been rated as Danger
  • 9 companies are ripe for takeover
  • 31 companies achieved greater than 10 percent increase in sales last year.
  • 14 companies made a pre-tax loss.
  • 56 companies saw sales fall last year