WORLD ROUNDUPCalibrating Proportionality and Self-Defense in Gaza | Sweden’s Failed Liberal Project | ISIS Propaganda Seducing New Generation of Teenagers, and more

Published 8 December 2023

·  Calibrating Proportionality and Self-Defense in Gaza
Two fundamental concepts of international law of armed conflict, according to a former ICC president, who gives comfort to neither Hamas nor the Israeli government in their operations since Oct. 7.

·  Sweden’s Failed Liberal Project
Why does a country once regarded as a model of moderation and progressiveness now have the highest level of gun violence in Europe?

·  Former Mideast Commander Calls on Biden to Respond to Houthi Attacks
Retired Gen. Frank McKenzie said Iran has taken the lack of a strong U.S. military response as an invitation to continue its aggressive behavior

·  Henry Kissinger Supported Wars and Coups. He Also Played a Little-Known Role in Eliminating Bioweapons
When he was one of President Richard Nixon’s closest advisors, Kissinger played a central if little publicized role in biological disarmament

·  ISIS Propaganda Seducing ‘New Generation of Teenagers,’ French Domestic Intel
A new generation of French teenagers is being wooed by the Islamic State terrorist group

·  U.S. Restricts Visas for Israeli Settlers Linked to Extremist Violence
There has been a surge of attacks in the West Bank, where settler violence against Palestinians has reached record levels since the Oct. 7 assault on Israel by Hamas

·  Israel Plans to Kill Hamas Leaders Around the World After War
Israel is setting the stage for a yearslong campaign to hunt down militants responsible for the Oct. 7 massacres

·  Commerce Needs Cash to Curb China’s Chips
Economic statecraft needs to be resourced to compete with China, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo tells FP

·  AI’s ‘Fog of War’
How can institutions protect Americans against a technology no one fully understands?

Calibrating Proportionality and Self-Defense in Gaza  (Chile Eboe-Osuji, Lawfare)
The recent outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas since Oct. 7 has thrust two words into the public sphere. They are “proportionality” and “self-defense.” These two words are legal concepts.
Some legal scholars well versed in international law have made helpful interventions to explain the meaning of these terms. However, there is room for further clarification.

Sweden’s Failed Liberal Project  (Håkan Boström, The Critic)
Immigration has transformed Swedish society and politics over the past two decades. The scale of demographic change has had societal and political consequences that were not anticipated by politicians and commentators who advocated relaxed controls.
A few notable figures allow us to get an idea of the upheaval in question. Today one in five Swedes — two million people out of a population of around ten million — was born abroad. Almost one in four Swedes was born abroad or has two foreign parents. And if we count those with at least one parent born abroad, that is a third of all Swedes. The numbers rise even higher in the large cities and among people of childbearing age.
In around 20 years, Sweden’s demographic mix has evolved so that it’s now close to that of former colonial powers, such as France and Great Britain, or to countries built by immigration such as the USA. And yet, even America has never had so large a share of its population born abroad as Sweden does today. (Cont.)