WORLD ROUNDUPHow Extremists Took Over Israel | Argentina’s Extreme Experiment in Austrian Economics Is Sailing Dangerously Close to the Wind | China Has Gotten the Trade War It Deserves, and more

Published 16 May 2024

·  The Unpunished: How Extremists Took Over Israel
How did a young nation turn so quickly on its own democratic ideals, and at what price?

·  The Israeli Defense Establishment Revolts Against Netanyahu
To appease his far-right flank, the prime minister has refused to commit to Palestinian governance of Gaza. Israel’s security figures are calling his bluff

·  US Imposes Sanctions on Nicaragua Over Repression, Migrant Smuggling
Three Nicaraguan entities sanctioned in retaliation for “repressive actions” and a failure to stem migrant smuggling through the Central American country

·  A Growing Number of Chinese Indonesians Are Winning Political Offices
According to the last census in 2010, 1.2% of Indonesia’s total population is of Chinese ethnicity, at over 2.8 million people

·  Iran Threatens Britain for Defending Israel in April Attack
Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps becomes first Iranian official to directly hit out at UK for supporting Israel

·  Javier Milei’s Extreme Experiment in Austrian Economics Is Sailing Dangerously Close to the Wind
The president’s revolution is less Thatcherite than his rhetoric would suggest

·  China Has Gotten the Trade War It Deserves
The Biden administration’s steep new tariffs are a rational response to Xi Jinping’s aggressive economic policies

·  Irrefutable Evidence for Unspeakable Crimes? The Role of the Written Order in Proving and Denying Genocide
The concept and role of a “written order” has a long history in proving, prosecuting, and denying genocidal intent

·  As EU and Local Elections Approach, Hungary’s Civil Society Braces for Renewed Government Assault
Far-right leaders like Viktor Orbán embrace illiberal policies and oppose key values of liberal democracy, such as an independent judiciary and media, minority rights, and space for dissent

The Unpunished: How Extremists Took Over Israel  (Ronen Bergman and Mark Mazzetti, New York Times)
The interviews, along with classified documents written in recent months, reveal a government at war with itself. One document describes a meeting in March, when Maj. Gen. Yehuda Fox, the head of Israel’s Central Command, responsible for the West Bank, gave a withering account of the efforts by Bezalel Smotrich — an ultraright leader and the official in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government with oversight over the West Bank — to undermine law enforcement in the occupied territory. Since Smotrich took office, Fox wrote, the effort to clamp down on illegal settlement construction has dwindled “to the point where it has disappeared.” Moreover, Fox said, Smotrich and his allies were thwarting the very measures to enforce the law that the government had promised Israeli courts it would take.
How did a young nation turn so quickly on its own democratic ideals, and at what price? Any meaningful answer to these questions has to take into account how a half-century of lawless behavior that went largely unpunished propelled a radical form of ultranationalism to the center of Israeli politics. This is the history that is told here in three parts. In Part I, we describe the origins of a religious movement that established Jewish settlements in the newly won territories of Gaza and the West Bank during the 1970s. In Part II, we recount how the most extreme elements of the settler movement began targeting not only Palestinians but also Israeli leaders who tried to make peace with them. And in Part III, we show how the most established members of Israel’s ultraright, unpunished for their crimes, gained political power in Israel, even as a more radical generation of settlers vowed to eliminate the Israeli state altogether.

The Israeli Defense Establishment Revolts Against Netanyahu  (Yair Rosenberg, The Atlantic)
On Tuesday, Daniel Hagari, the chief spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces, did something extraordinary: He criticized the Israeli government. In recent days, Israeli troops have battled Hamas in parts of northern Gaza that had previously been cleared of enemy combatants. A reporter asked Hagari if the terrorist group had been able to reassert itself because the Israeli government had not set up any non-Hamas Palestinian administration for those areas. (Cont.)