Highlights of $29 billion DoD budget hurricane recovery assistance

Published 21 December 2005

DoD bill approved Monday contains billions of dollars for Gulf recovery; here are some of the items to be funded by the bill

The defense spending bill approved by the House yesterday contains $29 billion in hurricane recovery assistance. Here are the highlights:

* $11.5 billion for the Community Development Block Grant to spur economic development

* $4.4 billion for expenses and damage incurred by the Defense Department

* $2.9 billion for the Army Corps of Engineers to continue storm and flood repairs, begin reconstructing levees, and accelerate studies on improving Gulf Coast flood protection

* $2.8 billion to repair damaged roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure

* $1.6 billion for education, including $645 million for schools that took in students, $750 million for schools affected by the hurricanes, and $200 million for higher education

* $618 million for rural communities, including $200 million to help farmers and ranchers rehabilitate farmland

* $441 million for Small Business Administration disaster loans

* $350 million to repair damaged NASA facilities and equipment

* $285 million for expenses and damaged incurred by DHS

* $125 million for state and local law enforcement agencies