Los Angeles invests in water testing equipment

Published 4 May 2006

Water treatemtn facilities are large and their water collection systems sprawling; they are inviting targets for terrorists, and DHS offers municiaplities funds to strengthen their wter montiroing capabilities

The Department of Water and Power of the City of Los Angeles (DWP) has approved a $1,007,856.00 proposal to the San Marcos, California-based Mattman Specialty Vehicles(OTC: MMSV) for a Mobile Water Quality Test Lab for. The multi-purpose vehicle will be delivered to the city in the third quarter of 2007. The mobile lab will be used for water testing in the event of biological terrorism, natural disasters, or if the department’s existing facility becomes inoperable. The purchase of the lab was made possible by a $600,000 federal grant allowing DWP’s total expenditure to be $407,856.

DHS grants to cities to bolster their water testing capabilities have been a significant boost for Mattman’s business, and are expected to continue to drive increased revenues and net income to the company. At this time DHS has funding lined out for five years, giving Mattman a very encouraging outlook for future growth.